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 WELCOME TO Inter-Wings virtual airline

Dear pilots,

welcome on board of the Inter Wings.
We are a brand new virtual airline by and for pilots! On October the 1st we want officially go online.
The Inter Wings has more than 7500 routes worldwide.
Beside the routes we offer a charter, tour and assignment system. Off course the membership is free.
In the name of the whole crew we hope to welcome you on board of the Inter Wings!


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
ITW102Robert Karsubke  EFHK  EDDF 16.07.18 02:10
ITW107Christian Schulz  EDDK  UAAA 16.07.18 06:32
ITW136Michael Wiesinger  LIRF  EDDS 16.07.18 01:40
ITW123Mirko Krah  LTAI  EDDK 15.07.18 03:28
ITW102Robert Karsubke  EDDF  LIRF 15.07.18 01:27


Pilots 20
Aircraft in fleet 67
Routes 5924
Total hours: 3015:12
Flights total 3694
Flights Regular 3290
Flights Charter 404
% Flights Regular 89.06 %

 Aktueller Pilot des Monats

Christian Schulz [ITW107]


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